For those of you who are my Facebook friends, you know I went to WPPI this past week, and brought along a particular RED ball....named Richard. I started in snowy Grass Valley with my son's red ball whom was unnamed at the time and became Richard I. Elias would not share and subsequently I moved onto various Target stores along the course of the trip. The other players you see in these photos are: Richard II (who later got popped by a cactus), Richard III (who got stuck behind barbed wire in Bakersfield), and Richard IV (who is with me still...waiting for his next adventure). To say the least, this impulsive move on my part, quickly became my overwhelming obsession in Vegas and on the road (as many of my personal projects do) and for ONCE...I'm going to share them somewhere other than Facebook. Yes Gabe, I will get that Tumblr page up and running soon. Anyway, Enjoy and if you want to see more ...find me on Facebook and tell me Richard sent you.


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