Soft Tones

I have two polaroid cameras that take the instant 600 film. And I am pretty happy that the IMPOSSIBLE Project is making yummy film for us to use. These images were done with the soft tone. Nothing too spectacular here, but they feel nostalgic and sometimes that is enough for me. I was really just playing around with both the cameras and testing them out in my backyard. One camera I purchased from the impossible project for $300 and it comes with a refurbished shiny body and a digital preview. and the other one I bought at a thrift store for $3. They both shoot the 600 and there is no other difference that I can see. Anyone want to buy a $300 polaroid? It's really shiny.

Humor aside. I do want to order some of the new silver films they are making over there. I've seen some gorgeous work coming through their tumblr and facebook updates.

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