Glitter Trees

A grid of my glitter trees that is meant to be printed up at 40x60. Haven't made the print yet. I have about 700 of these tree images taken over the course of the past 8 months or so. I'll get some larger ones posted into this blog soon. I surprised myself with the compulsion to search and find them because I'm not an addict in any sense of the word. But I did spend many hours waiting and watching for the moments when all the needed elements would come together. Soon enough they began to find me and though I have slowed down on this theme a bit recently, I still keep my eyes open. Now that spring is coming, the newly leaved branches may lend some uniqueness and difference.

I updated my facebook status one day as i was thinking about my move out to the boondocks away from city life and I wrote...I'm a country girl now, but I paint my trees with glitter. Hence the, maybe not so visually appropriate name I've given them.


  1. that's a beautiful montage! i love it.

  2. Ingrid, these are amazing! Are they really taken with an iPhone? (I saw the tag...)